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hotels samothraki No doubt Greek has so much to share with tourists and for those who are looking thing inspiring yet amusing to visit and enjoy life as it should be in the light way of life and simplicity of environment. But when visiting Greek’s ancient and most interesting island i.e. ‘Samothraki’ or Samothrace then finding a good accommodation along the desired destination may prove difficult for some people. Below are the suggestions to choose the best Samothraki hotels when visiting this beautiful sanctuary on the earth and enjoy the life like everyone desires to with all the possible facilities in the area.

Nike Beach Hotel – Kamariotissa: If you are visiting the island then you should definitely pay a visit to this beautiful and culture rich city of Samothraki to discover the ancient history of Greek’s culture. Moreover, this city offers different facilities to stay with your real world and manage your money matters effectively by offering you nightclubs, restaurants with delicious food and two banks with ATM facility so that life could be easier and enjoyable simultaneously. If you are looking a reliable and near-to-the-city accommodation then you should walk in the Nike Beach Hotel that offers quality services and is only 547 yards away from the main port of the city.
The hotel is one of the best Samothraki Hotels where you would find Wi-Fi accessibility with all the luxury facilities that makes you feel at home and make your trip to Samothraki Island a memorable part of your journey.

hotels directory samothrace Samothraki Village – Palaiopolis: If you are going to stay in Palaiopolis to spend your vacations then you have made a good choice as this city offers so many inspiring and enjoyable spots to its visitors. Many tourists turn to this city when visiting to Greek either for staying with family or when hanging out with friends. You will find a nice accommodation in Samothraki Village that is filled with all essential and luxury facilities like private rooms for individuals, swimming pool, deluxe suites and it is nearest to the main port of Kamariotissa as well.
This hotel gives you the perfect Mountain View location so that you could enjoy and appreciate nature’s work and from there, you also enjoy the sea view. This hotel also offers you a wellness spa where you can release all your stress.

Kastro Hotel Palaiopolis: If you are still finding some best accommodations in Samothraki hotels then you should check in the ‘Kastro Hotel’ that offers you multiple facilities and make your trip a memorable period of your life. This hotel offers you the best service with swimming pool access and sea side view of Thracian Sea as well that makes the viewer go romantic especially in evening or morning time as well.
Each of the room is equipped with air-condition, TV and attached bathrooms as well. There you will enjoy the mini poolside bar when planning a cocktail party with your friends in Palaiopolis.

samothraki rooms Mariva Bangalows: This beautiful accommodation for tourists is located in north of Samothraki Islands and offers so many things to do when one visits this heavenly place on earth. All the guests that are staying here can amuse with different facilities offered by the management of ‘Mariva Bangalows’ like Yoga, free access to Wi-Fi and if you are planning a hiking or cycling trip then this place will cater you with all the things you need on the way. The best part about staying here at this accommodation is that you can avail the free parking facility if you are renting a car or any size of vehicle that makes the life a lot easier so that you can enjoy all the sports easily.

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